This great 90% wool and 10% polyester felt can be used in the traditional way, cut it, glue it, sew it or use it as a background for your needle felting pictures, but if you would like to make something with a shape to it you can heat it in an oven then leave to cool and it will retain its shape.

I have made flowers to decorate my wet felted t-light pods below are basic instructions on how I made the flowers.

  1. Firstly I made a template as I wanted all mine to be of a consistant size.
  2. Draw round your template with tailors chalk or a pen.
  3. Cut out your shape, if you have used a pen cut inside the lines so that there are no outlines on your finished piece.
  4. Now place in something that will shape it, I have used an egg cup as my flowers are quite small, push to the bottom of the egg cup so the sides start to come up.
  5. Next place on a baking tray and pop in the oven.
  6. The Oven should be between 130-150deg, Gas 1/2 - 2, these are rough guides and I would recommend experimenting with a small sample. the lighter the colour the lower the temperature, also some colours may change when heated.
  7. After approximately 20 mins remove from oven but leave in egg cup to cool.

         TA DAH!!! Flower

Use to decorate garlands, lampshades, bags etc.

IMPORTANT INFO, try to use vessels for baking exclusively to felting and vent your oven sufficiently before cooking food in it.